Another photo set

These photos were taken at the Shaq valentines party put on by Cirqlar and Cherry Bomb

darkwalkers::: comparative studies:::Friday, February 17, 2012













I am dj’ing 2;30 am – 4am at the infamous sweat box the Rainbow Palace…this will be a night of deep grimy acidbass darkness … genres and bpm’s will vary….
hope you come and join us on the dancefloor as there are some serious gronk mechanics coming out tonight to make you move!

in:fuse time lapse 2010

his is a collection of still photos, i shot with the intention of creating a stop motion animation… shot starting in toronto canada and follows the crew and co-ordinators through the journey to create and celebrate and tear down the greatest gathering ever….

photos, editing and sound by zumone

Are you going to OM

I made this video last year… it was really funny! and more popular than all of my other video work… who would have thunk it??
let me know what you think….

Update from Bliss — DJ set link

Zum One @ Bliss – February 4, 2012

it is also uploaded here if sound cloud is giving you issues

Djing at BLISS this SATURDAY

As we continue to expand consciousness through love and awareness, we express the inexpressible through the arts, sounds and movements which unite us in our infinite state of bliss. This intoxicating feeling known as “bliss” is our birth given right, accessible at any moment of existence. One Love Movement proudly invites you to share and express the eternal dance of light.

LOVE AT 528HZ ~ Bass Culture……. glitch hop
SLAVA DEES ~ Deep Mode Project……. tech house
MIXTHYKAT ~ Kosmic Juice……. techno, progressive
MACHINE ELF ~ Time Wave Productions……. progressive psy trance
KADMON ~ One Love Movement……. psy techno, tribal
ZUM ONE ~ Suma……. psy dub step, glitch

MISS MINX ~ Eastern Jazz Bellydance
BUTTERFLY ~ Enchanting Tribal Fusion Bellydance
ORI-KA-LA ~ Mystical Tribal Fusion Bellydance

*Screen Alchemy
*Deco and Installations
*Vegan Food and Snacks
*Body Paint Transformation
*Magical Creations
*Flow Yoga with DEE DUSSAULT and music by KADMON
*Brought to you by ONE LOVE MOVEMENT…♥

It’s a $5 party,
19+ ID is a must…

Update from the sacred balance show!

As the site is new and i am keen to keep it up to date and document my work. I am going to post a few videos and some photos from last nights show. Maybe I will catch up one day and post the million and a half photos and videos i have (estimation) … but for now this is the opening band … they were really fun!
(sorry the audio is so rough but at least you get the idea…)

I had some interesting reflections on the dynamics between “rock” or band shows and electronic music, less so about the music and more about the type of performance and show it is… I want to write more about it but not right now… instead I am going to post another video….

and here it is… a VERY short clip of Sacred Balance, their went very quickly and i was pretty busy trying to keep up with all of the song changes etc….. so i managed to grab this and only this…