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40hz presents Goth Trad

A few months back I went to see at a party at a small church in Regent Park. Great fresh new venue. Blistering sweet and heavy sound from the mostly hand built soundsystem byt the 40 hz crew. was on visuals and things were looking sharp.

and I took photos…

Holy wow wow!

So holy cow – i am playing at MUTEK. With Dan Browne and Dan Driscoll creating a live remix of Dan Browne’s film Memento Mori. Click here to go to the MUTEK site for more details. See you in Montreal!!


Peter Mettler @ hot docs

My good friend Peter Mettler (the End of Time, gambling gods and LSD, picture of light) is performing with the ambient gurus Biosphere at hot docs this year. Should be a spectacular audio and visual performance. See you there!


Ascension Gallery

So I went to an amazing gathering over the last few days of 2012 and the first of 2013… it was an amazing place to pass through into a new year. This is my fourth year spending this part of the year in a kids camp, with an octagon shaped lodge with a giant community kitchen. It is an amazing experience co-creating a community vibe for many days in a row…. i have a huge amount of gratitude and love for the organizers and other contributors that made this gathering great!!! If i am lucky i will one day get a copy of my set from the gathering and then i can post that.
peace and happy new year!!!

POST:::After Party for the End of Time:::

Here are some photos from the night….

Dream Factory Halloween 2012

Most years for Halloween, part of my costume is playing a different style of music than i normally play… tracks I love but rarely get a chance to bump on the big system…
So this year, dressed as a panda bear, I rocked the glitch hip hop vibes…

check out the set and let me know what you think!

Suma Presents: After Party for The End Of Time


On December 22nd, we gather to welcome the return of the light and to honour the cycles of time. This year we are also celebrating the wide release of “The End Of Time”, a film by Peter Mettler. Together, lets warm up this long winter night in an immersive cocoon high above Lake Ontario. In one room, for one night, a spectacle will be created, featuring a wide array of electronic music, video and performance from some of the finest creators in our local sphere. See you on the dancefloor!



Thoughtless Music, Beretta, Matrix Detroit


Phantom Hertz – Dubplate.fm/Badmon Radio

Jonah K – Permanent Damage
Zum One – zum1.com
Leelee Mishi
Kristian Sunflower


Peter Mettler – Grimthorp film
Siren Sativa
Zum One

Plus special guest performances!

Metropolitan Ballroom

@ Ontario Place
955 Lakeshore Blvd. W.
Toronto, Ontario, The Canada

$20 in advance
$25 at the door before 11pm
More after 11pm
Special $15 entry before 11pm for “The End of Time” film ticket stub holders

Tickets available online now:

In-person ticket locations TBA very soon.


We will not be showing the film at the party…Go see ‘The End of Time” for the full experience and support Canadian film!
THE END OF TIME opens at TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX on Dec. 12, 2012. SHOWTIMES: 1:45, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15


After Party For the End of Time Flyer Back
design by leelee mishi

The Clock

Last day for The Clock saw some of this last night and really liked it a lot!!! You should check it out!!!


The Clock (2010) is a unique and compelling work created by world-renowned sound and video artist Christian Marclay. The work is an ode to time and cinema, and is comprised of thousands of fragments from a vast range of films that create a 24-hour, looped, single-channel video. Marclay compiled thousands of film clips of wristwatches, clock towers, sundials, alarm clocks, and countdowns, each of which illustrate every minute in a 24-hour period.

Years in the making, The Clock examines how time, plot, and duration are depicted in cinema. Although the audience can use the piece to tell the local time, viewers can experience a vast range of cinematic settings and moods within the space of a few minutes, making time unravel in countless directions and rupturing any sense of linear, narrative sequence. The work is both an homage to film history and an affirmation of our present time.

Marclay’s fascination with the collage of sound and image dates back to the late 1970s. Marclay played music with bands in underground club scenes, often using homemade instruments such as a record turntable converted into a portable electric guitar-like device. His innovative artistic practice continues to combine aural and visual sources with a keen sensibility toward complex editing, sampling and looping techniques. Marclay’s experimental work with sound, video and film has been extremely influential on a younger generation of artists for whom the idea of digital sampling and mixing recordings is now a given.”