Weird video!

Derive online!

This is a film my friend Camille Budin made with some friends. She asked me to write some music for it and i went for it. It was done very quickly on fairly short notice and some edits were made afterwards to fit a slightly shorter cut of the film. I am extremely pleased with how it worked out and feel a real synergy between the set, the dancer and the sound. It was a vision for me to try and make the sound of the space and the movement and not so much focus on writing music. The beats came through unexpectedly as i did not real at first it would make sense in the piece. When i sent Camille the first edit i thought she would ask to cut them out and focus mor eon the ambient soundscape. However, they seemed to gel with the vibe. Hope you enjoy. Love to hear your thoughts.


Wow Winter Solstice has passed… New Years has passed.
Here we are in the midst of 2014. Seems to be odd to post video and photos from last year. Yet I feel I am constantly playing catch up with posting photos, videos and music…let alone actually sitting down to write something. “We” spend so much of our time trying to record and document the moment. But what is so great about a moment. What does a few seconds of video do for you? Why do we want to be able to listen to that set from that night over and over again? Even though we were not there, and we can only connect with a virtual copy of the recording of someone playing some records in a club. Nevertheless we do it because it is good. It is what we enjoy. Why – is hard to say. But the reality is looking at a photo connects us to a moment – to a feeling – and for some reason I am drawn to post these memories, as a way to have a record of the moments, and feelings and times and places. I hope someone out there is enjoying other than just me…

So in this fresh new year I will post a short video from our Nightgazing party… promise uploads of sets in the near future. and a couple pics from the ice storm! Hope you are staying warm!



End of TIme – Timelapse Video

Our amazingly awesome friend Brendan Fernandes ( shot a timelapse of Suma’s last party, .
Music by Anthologic….

the Pyramid of Pyramids


Modul8 output stills

A collection of images i’ve outputted from my video mixing experiments.


dreamfactory timelapse

This is is Timelapse i shot at a party Suma and Promise hosted at a big ol warehouse…. This is the Suma Room, featuring DJ’s Rollin Cash, Pre5enT, Jonah K, and zum one … and VJ’s Siren Sativa, jax a Muse, james, and zum1.

Happy Halloween

Just as I started writing this post, my cat decided to jump up on my desk,


which she almost never does as it is usually covered in gear. Since Halloween is the gateway between world and black cats the gate keeper maybe it would be appropriate to share a photo of scratch at her best.

I heard the internet like cat pics….



OK Now onto more excited and interesting developments from the land of PARTY

Suma worked with Promise and through a big ol stinky Halloween Rave…. yes a Rave, two giant 12 bass-bin sound systems slammed into a big ol’ warehouse. People were dressed up all crazy like in the classic Halloweeny style… and it was tons of fun… and loads of work!

We built a geodesic 16′ foot dome, covered it with an orange parachute and built two other “jack-o-lantern” screens, to create the ultimate in Halloween themed video projection madness… check out the photos…



I had 5 pumpkin’s wired up to my makeymakey and they were triggering different clips i created in modul8. The loops were mapped on the big dome and people could “PLAY” the pumpkins to change the video on the dome… each of the clips i created was a different colour and shape so people could see the results clearly, the only issues was a 1/2 second time delay in the response making it a bit goofy feeling as there was an obvious lag… well more experiments to come…

And then there was the amazing CREW!
(sorry I do not have pictures of Jax or Aspa or better pics of everyone else…in costume!
but ya know I am knew to this bloggin thing… but i think i like it!)


Also very soon i will post my dj set and some video…. but ya know bit by bit….

Post-Eclipse 2012 part 1

I finally am uploading some pics from Eclipse 2012, i have lots more and some timelapse vids etc…..i will post them at some point… But now i will pass these on… As well as my gratitude for the techsafari team for all their support in allowing me and my crew to build Hibou!















Om Reunion Project ::: Solstice

Finally some photos from Om Reunion Project’s Solstice festival… music to come….

Drop Festival

cirqlar drop stage with zum one

So this weekend was the drop festival in Toronto. In spite of 4 other electronic music festival they managed to have a wicked turnout at all their events and tons of great tunes.

It was a busy weekend, Sunday dancing and aching fun with Adham Shaikh, Djing Saturday with kaminandaFriday night i VJ’d with Spyne of 40hz, Ill Gates, Livingstone, and Jonah K… THe Cirqlar crew built a beautiful new screen and Siren Sativa and myself mapped onto it and projected all night long…

zumone vj clips part 5:::

Another series of photos from Cirqlar, these are from the David Starfire and are courtesy if Andrija Dimitrijevic

Another photo set

These photos were taken at the Shaq valentines party put on by Cirqlar and Cherry Bomb

OTT and VJ zumone @ CirQlar Element

This is some video i shot during the ELEMENT part at the The Great Hall in Toronto, Canada.

Video from Cirqlar at the El MO

in:fuse time lapse 2010

his is a collection of still photos, i shot with the intention of creating a stop motion animation… shot starting in toronto canada and follows the crew and co-ordinators through the journey to create and celebrate and tear down the greatest gathering ever….

photos, editing and sound by zumone

Are you going to OM

I made this video last year… it was really funny! and more popular than all of my other video work… who would have thunk it??
let me know what you think….

Update from the sacred balance show!

As the site is new and i am keen to keep it up to date and document my work. I am going to post a few videos and some photos from last nights show. Maybe I will catch up one day and post the million and a half photos and videos i have (estimation) … but for now this is the opening band … they were really fun!
(sorry the audio is so rough but at least you get the idea…)

I had some interesting reflections on the dynamics between “rock” or band shows and electronic music, less so about the music and more about the type of performance and show it is… I want to write more about it but not right now… instead I am going to post another video….

and here it is… a VERY short clip of Sacred Balance, their went very quickly and i was pretty busy trying to keep up with all of the song changes etc….. so i managed to grab this and only this…

zumone vjing with Sacred Balance on Saturday January 28, 2012 at the El Mocombo 11pm

So I am VJing with a band for the first time and I am pretty excited for the show. I am playing with a band called with Sacred Balance on Saturday January 28, 2012 at the El Mocombo 11pm. To hear their music check the video above. I made this video last night as a bit of a warm up and promo for the who tomorrow night…. hope to see you!

Here is the Facebook event info page


zumone and siren sativa road trip to burning man captured in 8000 plus photographs

modul8 screen captures:::series 1 image 4

modul8 screen captures:::series 1 image 3

modul8 screen captures:::series 1 image 2

modul8 screen captures:::series 1 image 1