Shelter325 – A collaborative NYE JAM

Kittens + Dirty Decibels + SUMA + 40hz Soundsystem + Hear Here:

Sad to see 2016 go?
Us neither…

As we kick 2016 to the curb five groups of friends join together in four rooms to welcome the arrival of 2017 and the promise a New Year brings.

GIF museum

So i have decided that there are some GIF’s out there in the world that are so awesome…
I have saved some, bookmarked others, and just lol’d at others…
but now i have decided to just post them here:
and one i made

Derive online!

This is a film my friend Camille Budin made with some friends. She asked me to write some music for it and i went for it. It was done very quickly on fairly short notice and some edits were made afterwards to fit a slightly shorter cut of the film. I am extremely pleased with how it worked out and feel a real synergy between the set,


Wow Winter Solstice has passed… New Years has passed.
Here we are in the midst of 2014. Seems to be odd to post video and photos from last year. Yet I feel I am constantly playing catch up with posting photos, videos and music…let alone actually sitting down to write something. “We” spend so much of our time trying to record and document the moment.

Suma Solstice 2013

As night follows day and the seasons pass, we gather under moonlit clouds to dance the dark away. Keep your eyes on the skies and spend the longest night of the year with us in a celebration of community, music and art

Featuring music by:
/// AUTHOR live – UK – Black Box, Tectonic ///

Costa Rica part 1.

So last February and March we decided to take a trip to Costa Rica with our daughter Zoe who was about 6 months at the time.
Travelling has been a long time passion for both of us and we really wanted to spend some time away from home while Zoe was still young and it was cheap/free to travel with her.

40hz presents Goth Trad

A few months back I went to see at a party at a small church in Regent Park. Great fresh new venue. Blistering sweet and heavy sound from the mostly hand built soundsystem byt the 40 hz crew. was on visuals and things were looking sharp.

and I took photos…

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