Derive online!

This is a film my friend Camille Budin made with some friends. She asked me to write some music for it and i went for it. It was done very quickly on fairly short notice and some edits were made afterwards to fit a slightly shorter cut of the film. I am extremely pleased with how it worked out and feel a real synergy between the set, the dancer and the sound. It was a vision for me to try and make the sound of the space and the movement and not so much focus on writing music. The beats came through unexpectedly as i did not real at first it would make sense in the piece. When i sent Camille the first edit i thought she would ask to cut them out and focus mor eon the ambient soundscape. However, they seemed to gel with the vibe. Hope you enjoy. Love to hear your thoughts.

Dream Factory Halloween 2012

Most years for Halloween, part of my costume is playing a different style of music than i normally play… tracks I love but rarely get a chance to bump on the big system…
So this year, dressed as a panda bear, I rocked the glitch hip hop vibes…

check out the set and let me know what you think!

The Cauldron is boiling…

So it has been years and years and years of me making music and being shy, intimidated, reluctant to get it out there… well NO more!
I am now going to open the Cauldron and share what I have been doing in the studio for the last decade… Not all of it is perfect, or completely finished but so what… i like it! It represents a time and a place and a feeling…

This first release is from a few Om’s ago, when i built a small ambient installation called “ambi-ants” with speakers in the tress creating an evolving soundscape for people to wander through…. this is 3 track album I created to be a part of that sound scape… Since then it has been used in a film by Dan Browne, a dj mix by Polyphonic.

Please share with me your sounds, ideas or let me know how this music made you FEEL!

Also feel free to download for FREE and share for FREE and if you ant to use my sounds for your film, dance piece or yoga class… get in touch!!!

I hope you enjoy…

Post-Eclipse 2012 part 1

I finally am uploading some pics from Eclipse 2012, i have lots more and some timelapse vids etc…..i will post them at some point… But now i will pass these on… As well as my gratitude for the techsafari team for all their support in allowing me and my crew to build Hibou!















Update from Bliss — DJ set link

Zum One @ Bliss – February 4, 2012

it is also uploaded here if sound cloud is giving you issues