Happy Halloween

Just as I started writing this post, my cat decided to jump up on my desk,


which she almost never does as it is usually covered in gear. Since Halloween is the gateway between world and black cats the gate keeper maybe it would be appropriate to share a photo of scratch at her best.

I heard the internet like cat pics….



OK Now onto more excited and interesting developments from the land of PARTY

Suma worked with Promise and through a big ol stinky Halloween Rave…. yes a Rave, two giant 12 bass-bin sound systems slammed into a big ol’ warehouse. People were dressed up all crazy like in the classic Halloweeny style… and it was tons of fun… and loads of work!

We built a geodesic 16′ foot dome, covered it with an orange parachute and built two other “jack-o-lantern” screens, to create the ultimate in Halloween themed video projection madness… check out the photos…



I had 5 pumpkin’s wired up to my makeymakey and they were triggering different clips i created in modul8. The loops were mapped on the big dome and people could “PLAY” the pumpkins to change the video on the dome… each of the clips i created was a different colour and shape so people could see the results clearly, the only issues was a 1/2 second time delay in the response making it a bit goofy feeling as there was an obvious lag… well more experiments to come…

And then there was the amazing CREW!
(sorry I do not have pictures of Jax or Aspa or better pics of everyone else…in costume!
but ya know I am knew to this bloggin thing… but i think i like it!)


Also very soon i will post my dj set and some video…. but ya know bit by bit….

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