Update from the sacred balance show!

As the site is new and i am keen to keep it up to date and document my work. I am going to post a few videos and some photos from last nights show. Maybe I will catch up one day and post the million and a half photos and videos i have (estimation) … but for now this is the opening band … they were really fun!
(sorry the audio is so rough but at least you get the idea…)

I had some interesting reflections on the dynamics between “rock” or band shows and electronic music, less so about the music and more about the type of performance and show it is… I want to write more about it but not right now… instead I am going to post another video….

and here it is… a VERY short clip of Sacred Balance, their went very quickly and i was pretty busy trying to keep up with all of the song changes etc….. so i managed to grab this and only this…

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